Friday, March 26, 2010

GeoTools 2.6.3 released

The GeoTools project is pleased to announce the release of GeoTools version 2.6.3.

This release is a bug fix release (27 issues fixed) made in conjunction with uDig 1.2-RC2. A special thank you to to community members that submitted patches this release.

Improvements and new capabilities:
  • Improvements to JMapPane thanks to an active user list
  • Support for WMS Extent and Dimension information
  • Support for the Robinson projection
We also have a few internal improvements:
  • Support for Online Test cases using JUnit4
For the complete list please review the 2.6.3 release notes.

GeoTools 2.6.3 is available from source forge:

Or from our public maven or subversion repositories:

The GeoTools Community