Thursday, August 12, 2010

GeoTools 2.6.5 Released

GeoTools 2.6.5 was created on August 8th, 2010:
New features for this release:
  • Support for "Units of Measure" when drawing allowing symbol size or line width to be supplied with real
    world units such as 10km.
  • DataStore implementations can now allow users a chance to specify their own FeatureID (used to supply your
    own primary key value when adding information to a database)
  • Bridge to JFreeChat allowing JFreeChat to offer simple plotting of Geometry
  • Reorganised website documentation with both stable and development javadocs avalable
  • Reorganised website documentation with both stable and development sphinx available
  • Coordinate Reference System definitions are now provided by EPSG Database 7.5 (when working with epsg-h2 or epsg-hsql)
  • Improvements to rendering symbols: correct handling of DPI parameter, fixes when working with SVG symbols,
This release is made in conjunction with uDig 1.2.0.
For more information please review the Release Notes:
For more information on GeoTools and the 2.6 series:

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