Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GeoTools 2.7.0 Released

The GeoTools team is happy to announce the official release of GeoTools 2.7.0, now available for download.
GeoTools 2.7 is a major milestone for the project. Some of the highlights of the 2.7 branch include (in no particular order):
  • Postgis 1.5 geography support
  • EPSG database upgrade to version 7.5
  • JDBC virtual table / sql view support
  • Application schema / complex feature support
  • GML 3.2 support
  • Image mosaic improvements such as multi-threading, automatic building, and support for tiles with different projections/resolutions
  • Labeling improvements, mixed bidirectional layout
  • Greatly improved raster re-projection performance
  • Faster rendering for large datasets, layers with large geometries, and maps composed of many vector layers
  • Shapefile performance improvements, and the generation of more compact indexes
  • SLD 1.1/ Symbology Encoding 1.1 support
  • API cleanup
  • Docs translated to sphinx
And much more that is worthy of making the list. There have also been some notable improvements since 2.7-RC2:
  • GML3 Arc and Circle support
  • Jenks Natural Breaks Classification algorithm
  • Support for EckertIV, Mollweide, and Winkel Tripel projections
  • SQL Server integrated security option
And as usual a heap of bug fixes. You can check out the entire 2.7.x change log in JIRA.

Download 2.7.0 and check it out. Before upgrading be sure to checkout the upgrade to 2.7.x guide. Try out the release and let us know of any issues in the bug tracker or on the mailing list.

Thanks for using GeoTools!

- The GeoTools Community