Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GeoTools developers considering a switch to Java 6

GeoTools developers are considering aswitch to Java 6 as the minimum requirement starting with GeoTools 8.0: this will give us an improved API to rely on, faster development cycle and a more common development environment setup (finding Java 5 is getting increasingly difficult, especially on some platforms).

The current stable series, 2.7.x, will remain on Java 5, giving people needing to support the old JDK at the very least another six months of live development.

We’d like to hear your opinion on this move. Let us know by voting on the user poll:

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nukevlad said...

have not found your forum, so i ask here.

How do I get the basic knowledge and example to create some of their classes as Java SimpleFeatureType without DataUtilities.createType?
public class BaseParcel extends SimpleFeatureImpl (or another type) {

private MultiPolygon geomerty = null;

private String name = "";

...and more attributes
The Feature Tutorial is the only method through DataUtilities.createType.

Perhaps I misunderstand the principles of geotools?

Jody Garnett said...

Have a lok at the user guide; the tutorial does show how to use the FeatureTypeBuilder .....

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