Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GeoTools on GitHub

As a follow up to our earlier post, GeoTools considering a switch to git, we are pleased to report a successful transition to GitHub last weekend (Happy Canada Day).
Network Graph Showing 2.7, 8.0 and future "master" 9.0 development
The change proposal, Transition to GitHub, has the details on what was involved in changing over.

A massive thanks to Justin DeOlivera for setting up the origional GitHub mirror, transitioning the committer list over to GitHub, updating the build boxes to checkout from the new repository, the release scripts to tag correctly and so forth. With any transition supporting the developer community is critical, and Justin has done a great job answering questions about git (and filling in lots of docs with the details).

GeoTools on github:
Updated user-guide build instructions:
Updated developers guide procedures: