Sunday, February 3, 2013

GeoTools 9.0-beta1 released

The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of GeoTools 9.0-beta1 for download from source forge: If you are using Maven this release is deployed to our OSGeo Maven Repository: For more information on setting up your project with Maven see the Quickstart (included in the userguide documentation pack above).

This is a beta release made in conjunction with the GeoServer 2.3-beta1. This release is contains both new features and important simplifications to the GeoTools API:
  • This release is feature complete and entering release candidate status next month. This represents an important policy shift to a time-boxed release model resulting in a new release every six months. This policy shift provides consistency and will assist in integration planning for the wider GeoTools community.
  • Feature Collection Clean up: Has retired several methods from FeatureCollection that were only implemented for in memory feature collections. This work also included a review of all FeatureCollection implementation testing for consistency. Thanks to Jody Garnett and Andrea Aime for this work.
  • The Vector Grid module has graduated from the "unsupported" staging area and is now included as an extension. Thanks to Micheal Bedward for championing this work.
  • General support for complex features has been factored out into the gt-complex module for reuse.
  • FeatureCollection, FeatureIteartor and FeatureReader are Java 7 ready with support for try-with-resource syntax.
  • Partial 3D data support has been added with direct support for PostGIS, Oracle, and Property DataStore. Thanks to Andrea Aime for the initial implementation, with a followup NT LPE for Oracle support.
  • Thanks to Niels Charlier for putting together ReferenceEnvelope3D allowing us to query three-dimensional datasets.
  • WMS client support has greatly improved with WMS 1.3.0 now enabled by default during version negotiation.
  • New OGC models have been added for WCS 2.0 and OWS 2.0 along with XML support.
  • Updated to latest ImageIO-Ext 1.1.6 and JTS 1.13 release
As this release contains API changes developers are encouraged to review the upgrade instructions prior to use.

Release notes for GeoTools 9.0 series: Finally thanks to Jody Garnett and LISAsoft for this release.
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