Thursday, March 20, 2014

GeoTools 11.0 released

The GeoTools community is delighted to bring you the latest  GeoTools 11.0 download:
This release is also available from our maven repository.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.5.

About GeoTools 11.0

Thanks to everyone who helped by testing the RCs. This is the first GeoTools release on the new release schedule, so the next planned release for 11.1 will be in May and then releases will follow every two months. This should help projects keep up with the frenetic pace of development in the future. It also reflects the increased the maturity of the GeoTools code base.

Summary of the new features for the GeoTools 11.0 series:
  • The DataStore API has a new removeSchema method to drop feature types. This new optional feature is currently implemented by the JDBCDataStore family (all spatial database backed stores), other stores will likely throw an UnsupportedOperationException
  • JDBCDataStore now exposes facilities to list, create and destroy indexes on database columns.
  • Ability to create and drop databases from the PostgisNGFactory
  • PostGis data store will now call ST_Simplify when the GEOMETRY_SIMPLIFICATION hint is provided, significantly speeding up loading of complex geometries  (the renderer can perform scale based simplification already, but doing it before sending the data speeds up data retrieval significantly)
  • ImageMosaic can now manage vector footprints for its granules, allowing to filter out no-data or corrupted sections of the imagery
  • All properties in a SLD style can now have a local unit of measure, as opposed to specifying the unit of measure per symbolizer. For example, if you need to have a line width to be 10 meters, its value can now be "10m"
  • Improved handling of data with 3D coordinates in JDBC data stores
  • A number of small improvements to the rendering engine, such as improved raster icon placement resulting in cleaner, less blurry output, improved label grouping, better handling of icons at the border of the map and in general much improved estimation of the buffer area needed to include all symbols in a map (for features that sit outside the map, but whose symbols are big enough to enter it).

New Features

  • [GEOT-2333] - Implement removeSchema in JDBCDataStore
  • [GEOT-4611] - SVG lineargradients to ColorMap generator
  • [GEOT-4640] - Add delete support to StructuredGridCoverage2DReader
  • [GEOT-4660] - Allow database creation/drop from the postgis factory params
  • [GEOT-4663] - Add geometry simplification hint support to PostGIS store
  • [GEOT-4683] - no binding for GML.CompositeCurveType


  • [GEOT-4713] - Add support for citext data in the postgis data store
  • [GEOT-4714] - Allow normal sqlite and spatialite sqlite jdbc drivers to co-exist
  • [GEOT-4717] - Have WFS 2.0 collection binding encode a valid numberMatched regardless of the field contents
  • [GEOT-4652] - Add ogr GeoRSS unit test
  • [GEOT-4653] - Add SQLite support to OGR module
  • [GEOT-4654] - Add tests for various ogr formats
  • [GEOT-4655] - Use environmental variables to make testing OGR module easier
  • [GEOT-4680] - PostPreProcessFilterSplittingVisitor throws Exception with complex logic filter with null literals
  • [GEOT-4681] - SimplifyingFilterVisitor should eliminate constant binary comparisons
  • [GEOT-4702] - Try harder to do numeric comparisons when the target property type is also a number
  • [GEOT-4708] - Improve GRIB support on NetCDF modules
  • [GEOT-4738] - Add ability to disable PostGIS ST_Simplify usage
  • [GEOT-3472] - Add a higher precision alternative to getGeodeticCurve
  • [GEOT-4132] - Oracle GeometryConverter rectangle test is slow and non-robust
  • [GEOT-4163] - Make dimension a first class information (like srid) in JDBC data stores
  • [GEOT-4356] - Add JDBC4 support to JDBC-Oracle
  • [GEOT-4421] - Allow creation, list and removal of Indexes for JDBC DataStores
  • [GEOT-4531] - Borehole 1D support
  • [GEOT-4573] - Improve footprint management
  • [GEOT-4574] - Improve artifacts filtering operation
  • [GEOT-4575] - Improve requested resolution computation
  • [GEOT-4576] - Allows the crop operation to force internally using a mosaic operation when requested by param
  • [GEOT-4591] - Allow image mosaic to load footprints from per granule shapefiles
  • [GEOT-4593] - Allows configuring an empty ImageMosaic (no Granules) for future harvesting. (REST)
  • [GEOT-4603] - Add configuration to add or remove bbox from WFS 2.0 (GML32) responses in gt-xsd-wfs
  • [GEOT-4610] - GDAL PAM statistics on granules and mosaic statistic properties
  • [GEOT-4614] - Support per property uom in styling
  • [GEOT-4618] - Update to ImageIO-Ext 1.1.8
  • [GEOT-4647] - Use the simpler/faster "TOP N" syntax when limiting results from SQL Server
  • [GEOT-4665] - Add support for MVCC connection param
  • [GEOT-4669] - Allow the mosaic name to be specified via
  • [GEOT-4670] - Handle constant sizes that are results of function calls in MetaBufferEstimator
and too many bug fixes to mention here but see the jira ticket of anything that you are interested in.

For more information check the GeoTools 11.0-Release Notes.

This release was carried out by Ian Turton with the support of Envitia Ltd and the AFRC division of the Scottish Government.