Thursday, February 5, 2015

GeoTools 13-beta Released

The GeoTools community is happy to announce the latest  GeoTools 13-beta download:

This release is also available from our maven repository. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.7-beta.

This is a beta release of GeoTools and we would like your feedback on the new features outlined below.
  • GeoPackage support is now compatible with QGIS and OGR.
  • The rendering engine has been overhauled with two new features:
    • Color-blending has been introduced as both a FeatureTypeStyle and Symbolizer vendorExtension allowing for a range of special effects. Thanks to Cleveland Metro Parks for this improvement.
    • FeatureTypeStyle vendorExtension "firstMatch" will stop at the first rule
    • Anchor points are now supported.
  • The gt-css module is a brand-new implementation of css style support written in Java. Thanks to Andrea for brining this exciting approach to styling within easy reach of java developers.
  • A new gt-solr data store is available for working with with Apache Solr 
  • AbstractDataStore is now deprecated - please make plans to migrate to ContentDataStore.
    • There is an extensive ContentDataStore Tutorial to help with your migration. Thanks to Travis for updating the initial tutorial used at FOSS4G.
    • PropertyDataStore has now been ported to use ContentDataStore, and a wide range of issues have been resolved during extensive QA testing (readers, events, transactions). We would like to thank Torben for this extensive work.
  • CSVDataStore has been improved with write access and the ability to work with different kinds of CSV files (lat/lon, WKT, etc...). Thanks to Travis for this work.
  • The gt-wfs client has improved:
    • Improved compatibility with MapServer
    • Extensive work has been done to support WFS 2.0 transacations. Thanks to Niels for this work.
    • Can now work with WFS 2.0 stored queries. Thanks Sampo for this work.
  • Documentation continues to improve, now with a complete function list.
  • For the extensive list of improvements check the release notes
Thanks to Jody and Travis (from Boundless Victoria) for this release.

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