Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GeoTools 14-beta Released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce GeoTools 14-beta
This release is made by Jody Garnett (Boundless) in conjunction with GeoServer 2.8-beta.

This release is a feature complete "beta" giving our community a chance to test before GeoTools 14.0 is shipped. Due to an influx of new features we have pushed back this beta release leaving a narrow one week opportunity for testing.

New (and returning) features:
Fixes and improvements:
  • Stable date/time literal conversion to sql (when running in different timezones)
  • WFS client support for WFS 2.0.0 protocol
  • New filter functions for retrieving the default geometry in a feature and quickly checking if a value is "IN" a list.
  • Transaction is auto closable for use with java try-with-resource syntax
  • Allow extshape://arrow to receive parameters to specify its proportions [GEOT-5126]
  • Add projections for gnomonic (AUTO:97001) and stereographic (AUTO:97002) and WorldVanDerGrintenI use.
  • DB2 performance setting giving priority to the spatial index
  • Add read and write support for curves in Postgis data store [GEOT-5100GEOT-5112]
  • Add write support for curves in PropertyDataStore
  • Add support for by layer interpolation methods to StreamingRenderer [GEOT-5064]
  • Significantly speed up GML 3.x encoding speed for simple features [GEOT-5082]
  • New projections supported: sinusoidal, gnomonic
For more information see 14-beta release notes.

About GeoTools 14

GeoTools 14 highlights:
For more information see release notes from 14-M0, 14-M1 and 14-beta.