Thursday, March 26, 2015

CodeHaus Migration Schedule

As per earlier blog post CodeHaus is shutting down and the GeoTools project is taking steps to migrate our issue tracker and wiki to a new home.

First up I need to thank the Open Source Geospatial Foundation for responding quickly in a productive fashion. The board and Alex Mandel were in position to respond quickly and hire a contractor to work with the system admin committee to capture this content while it is still available.

I should also thank Boundless for providing me time coordinate CodeHaus migration and Andrea for arranging cloud hosting.


  • Update April 7th: GeoAPI project attachments migrated (using this to estimate time remaining)
  • Update April 3rd: Issue tracker signup open to all (no need to email project leads).
  • Update April 2nd: Mauro Bartolomeo created GEOT-5074 in the new issue tracker
  • Update March 28th: Placeholder tickets created, contents and attachments to follow

Confluence Migration

Is scheduled for ... March 26th! I have taken a copy of the CodeHaus wiki and will be migrating proposals and project history. A html dump of the wiki is published at so we have a record.

The new wiki is available here:
GitHub Wiki

Jira Migration

Jira migration will start on 00:00 UTC Saturday March 28th.

On Saturday all issues will start migrating to their new home (and CodeHaus issue creation will be disabled). If you wish to lend a hand testing please drop by the #osgeo IRC channel on Saturday. Harrison Grundy will be coordinating the proceedings.

We have set up a new JIRA available at for the migration. You can sign up directly (although we ask you to consider keeping the same user name).

OSGeo Jira
As shown above a few friendly CodeHaus refugees have also been sheltered for the storm (uDig and GeoAPI).