Thursday, March 5, 2015

CodeHaus Migration

It with heavy hearts (and a small bit of panic) that we bid adieu to CodeHaus. After many years of service CodeHaus is shutting down. A bit of last moment sponsorship from sonarqube is holding the doors open giving us a chance to migrate in an orderly fashion.

This blog post is a public notice that the GeoTools project will require assistance during this migration due to the short time frames involved.

GeoTools will lock down changes to the issue tracker after the scheduled March 18th release of GeoTools 13.0.

Migration Plan

In this weeks community meeting we have set on a migration strategy.
  • Migrate GeoTools issue tracker to a new instance Jira (sorting out host options see below). This is primarily so we can manage large attachments (such as test data) that make our issue tracker valuable. As a fallback plan we will consider migration to github issues.
  • Migrate GeoTools wiki to github wiki with a focus on proposals and project history.
Similar arrangements are being made for our friends with the GeoServer (OSGeo), uDig (LocationTech) and GeoAPI (OGC) projects. If you are in position to assist these projects please contact the appropriate development list as they could use a hand.

Due to a technical limitation (the use of a single sign on system) we cannot just take a backup and restore on a new system. This leaves us with two options: Use REST API and a script to migrate to a new system, or assemble a work party to transfer issues via CSV export (and grab the attachments one at a time).

Thus far we have contacted:
  • The OSGeo board has offered their support in todays meeting for both setting up hosting and requesting a proposal for data transfer via REST API.
  • The OSGeo system administration committee are looking into options for hosting.
    Thanks to both Harrison Grundy and Alex Mandel for helping refine migration requirements on IRC.
  • Both GeoSolutions and Boundless have offered assistance
  • We have reached out to Atlassian about cloud hosting
Thank you to the above groups for their prompt assistance.

About CodeHaus

CodeHaus has been an amazing resource for our open source community, offering friendly hands on support in the face of the growing pains experienced with SourceForge. We should also thank Atlassian for making their software (Jira and Confluence) available to open source projects on CodeHaus.