Thursday, May 12, 2011

GeoTools 2.7.1 Released

GeoTools 2.7.1 has been released and is available for download:
This release brings a number of bug fixes and few new improvements. ECQL has been updated to support case insensitive like (ILIKE). JMapPane performance has been improved for long running rendering jobs. And ImageMosaic has been upgraded to use the latest jai-tools 1.1.1.

And much more. Check out the change log for the full list of what's new in 2.7.1.

Thanks for supporting GeoTools!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New User Guide

Today brings to an end a three month journey in "porting" the User Guide from from the GeoTools wiki over to the same Sphinx build system we use for our website. This was a journey fraught with peril (having to reinstall my machine from backup halfway through), epic in length (at one point 1100 00 words but I have not looked in a bit) and ultimately rewarding:

GeoTools User Guide

It is hard to express the extent of this change; much of the content has been rewritten; and more importantly updated to reflect the latest GeoTools. More importantly the "update" will be *sticky* as code examples are pulled from live source code; which is compiled as part of the publication process.
Rather than try and offer a summery - here is a round up of blog posts and tweets linking into the new docs:
Thanks to those who assisted in this process:
  • Michael Bedward for continuing to inspire on the geotools user list; a large portion of the documentation has been assembled based on his email over the years. He has also been great with ongoing reviews and feedback.
  • Justin DeOlivera for taking time to set up the sphinx build system; and also to the company he works for (OpenGeo) for providing the build box which publishes the documentation after every commit
  • Lee Breisacher for launching into GeoTools development with a review of the AbstractDataStore tutorial. This was the original tutorial for GeoTools 2, first start in DocBook (just like PostGIS docs)
The wiki used to hold the user guide will be shut off by CodeHaus in the coming weeks; thanks to CodeHaus for allowing us the extra breathing room.