Friday, October 24, 2014

GeoTools 11.3 released

The GeoTools community is happy to announce the latest  GeoTools 11.3 download:
This release is also available from our maven repository. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.5.3.

This is a release of the GeoTools 11 Stable series recommended for production systems. The release schedule now offers 6 months of stable releases followed by six months of maintenance releases.

A few highlights from the GeoTools 11.3-Release Notes:
  • Rendering fixes related to cut geometries/labels at map tile borders
  • Several improvements/fixes to the NetCDF readers
  • Table hints for SQL Server can be specified at the store level, and it's now possible to force SQL Server to use spatial indexes
  • A good set of JDBC related fixes, for joins, multi-geometry tables, spurious error reports against invalid sql views
  • Make sure SortedSimpleFeatureCollection makes full use of the merge-sort sorter and respects the system wide in memory limits (was going straight and fully to disk before)
Thanks to Andrea for this release (GeoSolutions).

About GeoTools 11

Summary of the new features for the GeoTools 11 series:
  • The DataStore API has a new removeSchema method to drop feature types. This new optional feature is currently implemented by the JDBCDataStore family (all spatial database backed stores), other stores will likely throw an UnsupportedOperationException
  • JDBCDataStore now exposes facilities to list, create and destroy indexes on database columns.
  • Ability to create and drop databases from the PostgisNGFactory
  • PostGis data store will now call ST_Simplify when the GEOMETRY_SIMPLIFICATION hint is provided, significantly speeding up loading of complex geometries  (the renderer can perform scale based simplification already, but doing it before sending the data speeds up data retrieval significantly)
  • ImageMosaic can now manage vector footprints for its granules, allowing to filter out no-data or corrupted sections of the imagery
  • All properties in a SLD style can now have a local unit of measure, as opposed to specifying the unit of measure per symbolizer. For example, if you need to have a line width to be 10 meters, its value can now be "10m"
  • Improved handling of data with 3D coordinates in JDBC data stores
  • A number of small improvements to the rendering engine, such as improved raster icon placement resulting in cleaner, less blurry output, improved label grouping, better handling of icons at the border of the map and in general much improved estimation of the buffer area needed to include all symbols in a map (for features that sit outside the map, but whose symbols are big enough to enter it).

Monday, October 20, 2014

GeoTools 12.0 Released

The GeoTools team is happy to announce the release of version 12.0.
GeoTools now requires Java 7 and this is the first release tested with OpenJDK! Please ensure you are using JDK 1.7 or newer for GeoTools 12. Both Oracle Java 7 and OpenJDK 7 are supported, tested, release targets.

There are a number of new features in this release:
  • circular strings are now supported in Oracle data stores, thanks to for the work.
  • The content datastore tutorial was updated by Jody and tested out by the FOSS4G workshop participants.
  • GeoTools Filter interfaces have been simplified (cleaning up technical debt from GeoTools 2.3)
  • The new wfs-ng datastore is now available as a drop in replacement for the old WFS datastore, The new store provides much better support for axis orders with servers that don't know what they are doing. In order to make wfs-ng a drop-in replacement (and respond to the same connection parameters) you are limited to only using one implementation of gt-wfs-ng or gt-wfs plugins in your application at a time.
  • New advanced raster reprojection, a lot of work has been put into improving the raster reprojection story for glitches around the date line and polar regions. To enable these options use the following rendering hints:
    rendererParams.put(StreamingRenderer.ADVANCED_PROJECTION_HANDLING_KEY, true);
    rendererParams.put(StreamingRenderer.CONTINUOUS_MAP_WRAPPING, true);
This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.6.0 and is available from the OSGeo maven repository.

About GeoTools 12