Monday, November 23, 2020

GeoTools 24.1 released

  The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability of GeoTools 24.1 :

This release is published to the osgeo maven repository, and is made in conjunction with  GeoServer 2.18.1. This is a stable release and is a recommended upgrade for all users of the GeoTools library.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this release. The large number of fixes this release are in part to participation in a bug fix sprint organized by GeoSolutions.

Improvements and Fixes

From our issue tracker release-notes :
  • A new process, GroupCandidateSelectionProcess, has been added, that groups features by attributes, and then chooses one in the group that has the min or max value of another attribute
  • Assorted bug fixes, read the release notes for more details.

About GeoTools 24 Series

For more information see the release notes (24.124.0 | 24-RC ).