Tuesday, August 21, 2018

GeoTools 18.5 Released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release of GeoTools 18.5:
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.12.5.
This release is a maintenance release providing bug fixes and security updates for production systems and is not recommended for new development.

This is the last maintenance release of the 18.x series, you should consider migrating to 19.x or 20.x in the near future.

Fixes include:
  • [GEOT-6057] - Upgrade Batik to version 1.10
  • [GEOT-6055] - Upgrade commons-io dependency to 2.6
  • [GEOT-6050] - Upgrade HSQLDB to 2.4.1
  • [GEOT-6005] - Renderer can paint label overlapping itself on sharp turns in geometry along with large font
  • [GEOT-6061] - Engineering CRS 404000 does not round trip through WKT correctly
  • [GEOT-6080] - CSS translator does not support mark offset/anchors based on expressions (but SLD does)
  • [GEOT-5964] - Allow the selection of a default geometry attribute in App-Schema
  • [GEOT-6047] - Demote GTOPO30 plugin to unsupported
For more information see release notes (18.5 | 18.4 |18.3 18.2 18.1 | 18.0 | 18-RC1).