Tuesday, March 14, 2023

GeoTools 29-RC1 released

 The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability GeoTools 29-RC1 :

Improvements and fixes in this release


GEOT-6324 WFS-NG online tests don't extend OnlineTestCase
GEOT-7077 ClientProperty of a top element not showing
GEOT-7148 Bug in JoiningJDBCFeatureSource / FilterToSQL creates invalid SQL
GEOT-7208 Missing YSLD support for channel name expressions
GEOT-7210 YSLD styles does not parse/encode layer name
GEOT-7238 WFSContentComplexFeatureSource.getFeatures(Filter) creates a wrong Query
GEOT-7239 WFSContentDataAccess will fail when using HTTP POST
GEOT-7242 Simplification fails for geographic shapes in HANA
GEOT-7244 Constructor GridGeometry2D(Rectangle, Rectangle2D) looses CRS
GEOT-7246 GeoJSON writer throws NPE if no geometry is present in the feature being written
GEOT-7261 WFSContentComplexFeatureSource.getBounds will end up in StackOverflowException
GEOT-7268 GeoTools can create GML output that is not valid XML
GEOT-7292 Xml packages accessible from more than one module
GEOT-7293 java.sql package used in different modules
GEOT-7295 HANA plugin attempts to create polygons consisting of 2 points only
GEOT-7298 H2GIS doesn't return the proper srid for an existing table
GEOT-7316 Child feature ClientProperties are replicated on GML parent container elements: gml:featureMember and wfs:member


GEOT-6914 AbstractWfsDataStoreOnlineTest bases service availability on the result of URL.openStream
GEOT-7209 Integrate H2GIS module and upgrade H2 database
GEOT-7220 Support datetime2 and datetimeoffset in JDBC SQL Server plugin
GEOT-7230 Implement a HINT parameter as part of the HANA plug-in
GEOT-7253 Create an ordinary WFSFactoryParam of WFSDataStoreFactory:SCHEMA_CACHE_LOCATION
GEOT-7259 Avoid Class.forName in CommonFactoryFinder.getFeatureFactory
GEOT-7260 Fixing omissions from GEOT-6324
GEOT-7265 GeoTools doc generation with external links for index page on 28.x branch
GEOT-7277 Expose assets as a selectable property in STACDataStore
GEOT-7279 Allow image mosaic to grab a subset of the feature properties in memory
GEOT-7286 Let SQLDialect decide whether to apply hints on virtual tables
GEOT-7294 Geometry simplification cannot be disabled in HANA plugin
GEOT-7314 Add OGC authority so that GeoTools can parse URIs such as ""


GEOT-7240 Remove deprecated constructor from WFSFeatureReader
GEOT-7276 Remove deprecated from gt-wmts
GEOT-7283 Update Batik to 1.16
GEOT-7288 upgrade javax.measure version to 2.1.3
GEOT-7290 Visual difference for ReprojectGoogleMercatorLargerThanWorld test on aarch64
GEOT-7310 Update Oracle JDBC driver to