Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GeoTools 13.3 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of the GeoTools 13.3 release for immediate download:
This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.7.3 and is available from our maven repository

Thanks to Andrea (from GeoSolutions) for packaging this release.

GeoTools 13.3 contains a 22 small fixes and improvements compared to 13.2, and it's the current maintenance release recommended for production. The changes include:

  • Small assorted improvements to JDBC stores and the rendering subsystem
  • NetCDF dependencies updated to version 4.6.2
  • Better handling of image mosaic backed by PostGIS and more tolerance for mis-configured image indexes
  • It's now possible to force DB2 to use spatial indexes in queries
For detailed information about changes please check the release notes.

About GeoTools 13

GeoTools 13 features and improvements:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

GeoTools 14.0 Released

GeoTools is pleased to announce the GeoTools 14.0 release:

This release was made by Jody Garnett (Boundless) made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.8.0. 

GeoTools 14.0 is the first stable release of the 14.x series and is recommended for all new projects.

Thanks to everyone who helped test the release candidate; several additional fixes were included due to the team's hard work:

New (and returning) features:
  • Z order control during map production
  • Extend Contrast Enhancement method handling in SLD and CSS
  • TextSymbolizer once again supports the use of multiple fonts, allowing labels using multiple scripts
    • CSS supports multiple fonts in the same text symbolizer
  • GeoTools has provided useful builders and parsers for simple features, this release adds adds a ComplexFeatureBuilder and additional ComplexFeature Parsing and Building Support classes for your use.
  • GridCoverage improved with view management and delete support
  • Brand new MongoDB datastore implementation
  • Transaction is auto closable for use with Java try-with-resource syntax, with updated examples in the 
  • Add write support for curves in PropertyDataStore
  • WFS client support for WFS 2.0.0 protocol
  • New filter functions for retrieving the default geometry in a feature and quickly checking if a value is "IN" a list.
  • Allow extshape://arrow to receive parameters to specify its proportions [GEOT-5126]
  • New projections supported: sinusoidal, gnomonic (AUTO:97001) and stereographic (AUTO:97002) and WorldVanDerGrintenI use.
  • Stroke dash array can now be supplied using dynamic expressions.
  • Optional JAI-EXT integration in geotools, adding native support for NODATA in rasters.
    • Use system property org.geotools.coverage.jaiext.enabled=true to enable and check out the short tutorial.
Fixes and improvements:
  • JDBCDataStore Fixes
    • SQLDialect now uses schema for index creation
    • A lot of work on stable date/time literal conversion to SQL (when running GeoTools in different timezones)
    • DB2 performance setting giving priority to the spatial index (using "selectivity clause") for geospatial operations including DISJOINT.
    • Use of Oracle metadata table for initial bounding box calculation
    • Add read and write support for curves in Postgis data store [GEOT-5100GEOT-5112]
  • Add support for by layer interpolation methods to StreamingRenderer [GEOT-5064]
  • Significantly speed up GML 3.x encoding speed for simple features [GEOT-5082]
  • Clarify use of RobustDeterminant and GridCoverage2DRIA
  • Update to the netCDF-java 4.6.2 library
  • Supply NetCDF default datum parameters
  • PDC mercator wrapping fixed for those working in Greenland
  • Change from vecmath to EJML
For more information see the release notes.

About GeoTools 14