Friday, July 8, 2011

GeoTools 8.0-M1 Released

The GeoTools 8.0-M1 release is now available on sourceforge for download:

If you are using maven GeoTools 8.0-M1 is available from the OSGeo repository.

This is a milestone build made conjunction with uDig 1.2.2.

There are lots of exciting improvements (see the release notes below for the complete list).

The following change proposals were accepted:

  • Java 6 - yes! Thanks to Christian Mueller for updating the build instructions for this one. Special thanks to Andrea for updating the image rendering tests to account for different font metrics between Java 5 and Java 6.
  • Allow Build with Maven 2 or Maven 3 - Congrats to Cliff for his first change proposal - and Andrea and Ben for doing the work!
  • Temporal Filter Support - another great bit of work from Justin (a stepping stone for WFS 2.0)
  • Detailed information about Function arguments and Return Type - thanks to Justin and Jody for sorting out the use of Parameters and filling in the information for the existing functions. This is a key improvement which will make the library and style creation much easier to use.

This release makes use of the latest JTS 1.12 and ImageIO-Ext-1.1.0, thanks to Micheal and Daniele for the care and quality assurance required to bring you the latest software.

Thanks to Jody for continuing to update the user guide to reflect the latest changes - highlights include Core Feature (documented for the OSGeoLive DVD) and Filter documentation covering the new temporal support with diagrams and code examples.

A big thank you to Andrea, Jody and Micheal who took a number of trys to safely update the map and layer data structures introduced in 2.6.0. This was the result of careful work involving collaboration, timezones,and amusing KML errors. We kindly ask that downstream projects review this work and make the transition now if they have not already done so.

Jesse Eichar continues to work on support for Teradata that will be appearing in the next release of uDig. Thanks also to Lee for working through the abstract data store tutorial. Jody provided an interesting patch allowing a shapefile to write out features in the same order they were added.

As always we welcome volunteers to the GeoTools project. We have a great team, stop by the geotools-developer list and join the fun.

For more information:

The GeoTools development team would like to thank the contributors that provided patches, the users for their feedback and the companies providing sponsorship to fix bugs.

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