Monday, May 24, 2021

GeoTools 25.1 Released

  The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release GeoTools 25.1

GeoTools 25.1 is published to for direct build integration. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.19.1 and GeoWebCache 1.19.1.

DuplicatingStyleVisitor vendor options

The SLD vendor options renderingLegend and renderingMap can be used to filter style content when copying. These vendor options can be used to control which FeatureTypeStyle, Rule and Symbolizer elements are used for rendering.

Release notes

From our issue tracker release notes:


GEOT-6871 AppSchema, defining nested attribute with root attribute filter might return 0 on count

GEOT-6865 PostGIS: SQL translation of DateDifference function fails against DATE columns

GEOT-6863 Datastores with Character parameters can't be reopened

GEOT-6855 AppSchema JDBCMultipleValue might generate ambiguous query when ClientProperty is defined

GEOT-6854 AppSchema JDBCMultipleValue directive fails to encode ClientProperties if targetValue is not specified

GEOT-6849 NetCDF read sometime fails on corner cases grid Geometries involving 1 pixel read

GEOT-6848 Vendor options in RasterSymbolizer are not parsed

GEOT-6832 WFS-NG doesn't apply acrgis strategy for versions that are not 2.0.0

GEOT-6820 WMTS REST regression for getCapabilities not having templates for image/png outputformat

GEOT-6807 Enabling densification on reprojection can cause OOMs with large/complex geometries, and requests hitting small areas

GEOT-6806 Add identifier to DefaultGeographicCRS.WGS84

GEOT-6804 AppSchema fails when pagination occurs and mappings doesn't have IdExpression

GEOT-6803 AppSchema queries fails when mappings have no IdExpression

GEOT-6796 Concurrent usage of image mosaic with heterogeneous CRS, against a database index, can cause deadlock

GEOT-6794 AppSchema count works for filter with root attribute only

GEOT-6757 Tile client throwing exception while downloading

GEOT-6703 Dwithin old syntax no longer supported


GEOT-6861 Add support for Krovak North Orientated

GEOT-6853 ImageMosaic performs full scan aggregation on heterogenous mosaics

GEOT-6846 MongoDB plugin refact FilterToMongo and FilterSplitter

GEOT-6839 Update Batik from 1.13 to 1.14

About GeoTools 25 Series 

For more information see the release notes ( 25.125.025-RC ).
  • New gt-http module, allowing gt-wms and gt-wps-client to use your choice of http library
  • Massive code-cleanup with PMD integrated into our build chain
  • Quality of life improvements with increased use of variable arguments, abd revised Map<String?> datastore connection parameters.