Thursday, December 29, 2022

GeoTools 27.3 released

   The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability  GeoTools 27.3 

This release is also available from the OSGeo Maven Repository and is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.21.3

Fixes and improvements

  • GEOT-6324 WFS-NG online tests don't extend OnlineTestCase
  • GEOT-7222 Image Mosaic excessive memory usage when mosaicking many little images
  • GEOT-7244 Constructor GridGeometry2D(Rectangle, Rectangle2D) looses CRS
  • GEOT-7247 ImageMosaic with RGBA images fails to respect transparency on overlaps
  • GEOT-7248 app-schema GetFeature numberMatched breaks with views/tables without PK
  • GEOT-7256 SLDTransformer fails to encode raster symbolizer vendor options
  • GEOT-7257 GeoCSS misses support for labelInFeatureInfo and labelAttributeName vendor options
  • GEOT-7258 geojson-core is too lenient parsing as dates strings that are actually not
  • GEOT-7261 WFSContentComplexFeatureSource.getBounds will end up in StackOverflowException
  • GEOT-7264 Image mosaic: handle alpha channel as ROI for excess granule removal purposes
  • GEOT-7268 GeoTools can create GML output that is not valid XML
  • GEOT-7271 ImageMosaic should read band statistics from GDAL_METADATA tiff tags, when available


  • GEOT-6914 AbstractWfsDataStoreOnlineTest bases service availability on the result of URL.openStream
  • GEOT-7241 Expose column comments in FeatureType descriptions on selected JDBC stores
  • GEOT-7252 Rename GET_COLUMN_REMARKS to GET_REMARKS to accomodate future table comments support
  • GEOT-7270 GeoTIFFReader should expose GDAL band specific metadata when available
  • GEOT-7275 Add If_Then_Else support to ExpressionTypeVisitor
  • GEOT-7277 Expose assets as a selectable property in STACDataStore