Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maven SNAPSHOT repository

Last month we had a bit of an infrastructure change - Justin has set up a new repository manager for maven builds.

Update your pom.xml file with the following:
      <name>Boundless Maven Repository</name>

Using a repository manager allows us to better support "snapshot checksums".

This repository was used for the recent 12-RC1 release, if you find any other jars you would like deployed please give us a shout on the geotools-devel list.

Thanks to Justin, and Boundless, for continued build and release support.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

GeoTools at FOSS4G 2014

Thanks to the local organising committee, volunteers, all the sponsors and over 870 attendees we had a wonderful time at foss4g 2014 in Portland.

GeoTools DataStore Workshop

On the GeoTools front we started off the week with a workshop I have been looking forward to running for some years now ... creating your own custom DataStore. This was an exciting workshop as it relied on participants bringing their own device (and in this context their own IDE).
This workshop is available for general use now:

A big thanks to Eva Shon, Ian Turton for prep assistance on Monday. Thanks to both Ian Turton and Tom Kunicki for holding down the fort, helping attendees with maven and keeping the workshop entertaining. We would of course like to thank our employers Boundless, Envitia, and WSI (a division of The Weather Company).
Demo Time at DataStore Workshop
It was great to hear from teams throughout the week that are already working on porting their custom data access work from AbstractDataStore to ContentDataStore. Everyone else ... you are put on notice - AbstractDataStore has had its time in the sun and it is time to move on.

GeoServer, GeoTools and Friends 2014

GeoTools also enjoyed a bit of air time in GeoServer, GeoTools and Friends 2014.

Thanks to Andrea, Jody and Justin for making the above presentation available.

Java Code Sprint

Finally we enjoyed a one and a half day code sprint, with a wide range of projects. It was a great chance to catch up with teams making great use of GeoTools (and fix a few issues). Thanks to WhereCampPDX and  Boundless for providing creative space.