Tuesday, September 24, 2019

GeoTools 21.3 released

GeoTools 21.3 released

The GeoTools team is happy to announce the release of GeoTools 21.3:
This release is a stable release and is recommend for new development and production systems.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.15.3.


  • XS DateTime encoder doesn't support Local DateTime Handling System property
  • Hint to preserve chained affines operations from being merged together
  • Interpolate function performs a number of dynamic expression evaluations, and generates a lot of transient objects, for each call to "evaluate"
  • MongoDB OR filters are not executed on native search engine leading to wrong results on queries.
  • Improve NetCDF coordinateAxis unit management (km conversion)

Bug Fixes

  • Schema cache autoconfiguration fails for empty GeoServer data directory
  • Zoomed in small bbox causes java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
  • Add support for scale/offset value rescaling GeoTiff files
  • tolerate geotiff_coverage as the coverageName
  • If an error happens when creating an App-Schema data store, included data stores are not unregistered correctly.
  • Dateline wrapping heuristic cannot handle large earth objects
  • GML 2 temporal data is not being formatted like GML 3 encoding.
  • gt-epsg-hsql gets dragged in by gt-wmts through gt-tile-client
  • JMapPane doesn't set the background color of the map on startup causing flashing
  • ImageUtilities may setup a partially initialized ImageLayout which may result into an IllegalArgumentException
  • WFSDataStore uses the wrong parameters for DescribeFeatureType operation when using WFS 2.0 strategy
  • Wrong expression encoding for BBOX filters on Solr datastore
  • For more fixes see the release notes: (21.321.2 21.0 21.0 | 21-RC | 21-M0 )

About GeoTools 21 Series

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

GeoTools 22 released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release of GeoTools 22.0:
This stable release is recommended for new development and production systems. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.16.0.

This release includes a various major changes.

Module Updates
  • JDBC Hana module moved to supported
  • Added PostGIS raster unsupported module
  • OGR unsupported module has been updated and returned to the build after it was moved to unsupported for the 20 series (OGR is still an unsupported module, but is once again built by default).
  • VPF unsupported module updated and returned to the build.
  • SWT unsupported module removed from the build for incompatibility with Java 11.
  • Oracle EPSG unsupported module removed from build for depreciated dependencies.
  • Unsupported Excel module removed from GeoTools for lack of support.
  • Unsupported App-Schema web service module removed from GeoTools for lack of support.

Assorted improvements

Other highlights from our issue tracker release-notes:
  • Upgrade to imageio-ext 1.3 with GDAL 2.x bindings
  • Make gt-swing able to load resources from OSGI bundles
  • Expose PostgreSQL driver SSL mode
  • Add support for TWKB transfer in PostGIS datastore
  • SimpleFeatureIO doesn't allow to encode big string attributes (bigger then 65535 bytes)
  • Improve coordinateAxis unit management
  • XS DateTime encoder doesn't support Local DateTime Handling System property
  • GeoTools cannot open the GDA94 -> GDA2020 grid shift files
  • MongoDB file schema generation uses only the first object from the collection
There is also a large set of bug fixes. For more information see the 22.0 release notes as well as the 22-RC release notes.