Monday, November 25, 2019

GeoTools 22.1 Released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release of GeoTools 22.1:
GeoTools 22.1 is a stable release and is recommended for new development and production systems. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.16.1.

Note: Our test cases caught a regression in URL handling using Oracle JDK 8u221, as a result this was made with the earlier Oracle JDK 8u202. We intended to use OpenJDK 8 for subsequent releases of GeoTools.

Update: Jody would like to apologize for accidentally releasing "22.2" while testing out JDK versions above. The maven repository folders have been renamed "22.2-mistake" to avoid causing problems. GeoTools 22.2 is scheduled for January.

Fixes and Improvements

  • CSS styling raster-color-map definitions can now include labels
  • DataUtilities isMatch(attributeDescriptor, attributeDescriptor) now respects both attribute name and type binding. An optional strict parameter can be used to mimic prior behaviour.
  • The ECQL parser can now handle EQ, NEQ, GT, LT, GTE, LTE keywords. This change restores ECQL as a superset of CQL allowing applications to smoothly "upgrade". Please note that these keywords are more typically represented as operators (and were not included in the final OGC CQL definition).
  • The behaviour of GridCoverageReader now correctly respects "accurate resolution computation" parameter. When disabled the prior technique of using an affine transformation to determine resolution is used.
  • grid coverage writers fixed to consistently release destination and output stream when disposed.
  • Arithmetic operations fixed to work with complex attributes (as provided by app-schema and several json datastore).
  • ChoiceAttributeTypeImpl fixed to correctly report min and max values
  • A series of wfs-ng client fixes allow use of WFS 2.0 DescribeFeatureType 
  • Fix correcting bounding box parameters for SolrDataaStore
  • CSVDataStore LatLonStratagy fixed to respect order columns are defined in
  • jdbc-hana implementation fixed to allow queries where SRID is unknown (allowing use of views)
  • ContentDataStore fixed handling of queries during a transaction. This change affects implementations like ShapefileDataStore that do not natively support transaction independence.
  • Fixed failure with GRIB2 files making use of time and custom dimensions

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