Monday, September 14, 2015

GeoTools 14-RC1 Released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce GeoTools 14-RC1:
This release is also available from our Maven repository.

This release is made by Kevin Smith (Boundless) in conjunction with GeoWebCache 1.8-RC1 and GeoServer 2.8-RC1.

This is a release candidate for final testing before we release 14.0.

Fixes since beta:
  •     SQL syntax error in gt-jdbc-postgis PostgisDataStoreOnlineTest
  •     SQLDialect ignores Schema for index (create statement)
  •     CSS does not support multiple fonts in the same text symbolizer
For more information see 14-RC1 release notes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GeoTools at FOSS4G 2015

Are you heading to FOSS4G 2015 next week? As a library GeoTools tends to keep a pretty low profile - still we have a couple activities for you to attend.
  • GeoTools DataStore Workshop (WS03 14-Sep)
    Ian Turton and Jody Garnett are running an intermediate offering an inside view of how the vector data access subsystem works through the creation of a custom DataStore.
  • Raster Data In GeoServer and GeoTools (18-Sep 16.00)
    Andrea Aime explores the developments performed during last year as far as raster data support in GeoTools and GeoServer.
  • GeoServer GeoTools BOF (Wiki 16-Sep 17:40 Room 10)
    Bird-of-a-feather sessions at FOSS4G range across user-group style collaboration, technical questions with the development team, exploring project plans, community challenges and out reach.
  • GeoServer GeoTools Code Sprint (Wiki 19-Sep)
    Hands on development with the GeoTools team - what would you like to work on? Add your name to the wiki and let us know.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Geotools 12.5 Released

The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of GeoTools 12.5:

This release, which is also available from our Maven repository, is made in conjunction with GeoWebCache 1.6.3 and GeoServer 2.6.5. This is a maintenance release of the GeoTools 12 series recommended for production systems.
This is the last release of the GeoTools 12 series. Migrate to GeoTools 13 for the latest stable release.

A few highlights from the GeoTools 12.5 release notes:
  • GeoTools Logging can now startup in an environment without JAI
  • Raster to vector transformation with re-projection using NetCDF as data store
  • Properly handle InputTransparentColor when dealing with Holes in mosaics
  • Other fixes: see the release notes for details
Thanks to Torben Barsballe (Boundless) for this release.

About GeoTools 12

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GeoTools 14-beta Released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce GeoTools 14-beta
This release is made by Jody Garnett (Boundless) in conjunction with GeoServer 2.8-beta.

This release is a feature complete "beta" giving our community a chance to test before GeoTools 14.0 is shipped. Due to an influx of new features we have pushed back this beta release leaving a narrow one week opportunity for testing.

New (and returning) features:
Fixes and improvements:
  • Stable date/time literal conversion to sql (when running in different timezones)
  • WFS client support for WFS 2.0.0 protocol
  • New filter functions for retrieving the default geometry in a feature and quickly checking if a value is "IN" a list.
  • Transaction is auto closable for use with java try-with-resource syntax
  • Allow extshape://arrow to receive parameters to specify its proportions [GEOT-5126]
  • Add projections for gnomonic (AUTO:97001) and stereographic (AUTO:97002) and WorldVanDerGrintenI use.
  • DB2 performance setting giving priority to the spatial index
  • Add read and write support for curves in Postgis data store [GEOT-5100GEOT-5112]
  • Add write support for curves in PropertyDataStore
  • Add support for by layer interpolation methods to StreamingRenderer [GEOT-5064]
  • Significantly speed up GML 3.x encoding speed for simple features [GEOT-5082]
  • New projections supported: sinusoidal, gnomonic
For more information see 14-beta release notes.

About GeoTools 14

GeoTools 14 highlights:
For more information see release notes from 14-M0, 14-M1 and 14-beta.