Monday, April 20, 2015

GeoTools 12.3 released

The GeoTools community is happy to announce the latest  GeoTools 12.3 download:

This release is also available from our maven repository. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.6.3.
This is a maintenance release of the GeoTools 12 series recommended for production systems. 
A few highlights from the GeoTools 12.3-Release Notes:
  • A number of small bug fixes and improvements in raster data sources (image mosaic, NetCDF, GeoTiff)
  • Robustness improvement in advanced projection handling (an optional rendering feature that will cut geometries inside the projection valid area, handle difficult spots list poles/dateline, and wrap data Google maps style)
  • Improvement in raster reprojection quality and robustness
  • Improved ability to read topologically invalid geometries out of Oracle stores (non closed rings in polygons)
  • Added a way to dispose of Commons HTTPClient connection pools in WMS client, quite important to avoid leaking native threads (the pool uses a thread for cleanup purposes)
  • A number of other fixes, check the release notes for full details
Thanks to Andrea (GeoSolutions) for this release.

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