Monday, July 31, 2017

GeoTools 17.2 released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release of GeoTools 17.2:
This release is also available from our maven repository.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.11.2.

GeoTools 17.1  is the latest stable release of the 17.x series and is recommended for all new projects.


  • Exposing min/max variable values out of NetCDF (for statistics and rendering usage)


  • JAI-EXT has been updated to 1.0.15 and extra work has been put to ensure NODATA is properly processed across the various operations
  • The matchCase property for Filter 2.0 is now handled by the gt-xsd-filter module
  • Generic geometry support in the "fast" GML encoding path
  • Lots of improvements in the raster rendering, including optimized band selection, fixes to crop usage in advanced projection handling, improved handling of ROIs in mosaicked images, dateline crossing, warping and heterogeneous CRS mosaic.
  • Better sizing and positioning of label shields when using automatic resizing
  • App-schema connection handling improvements, now uses only one JDBC connection per data access

And more! For more information please see the release notes (17.217.1 | 17.0 | 17-RC1 | 17-beta).

About GeoTools 17

  • The wfs-ng module is now a drop in replacement and will be replacing gt-wfs
  • The NetCDF module now uses NetCDF-Java 4.6.6


  • The AbstractDataStore has finally been removed, please transition any custom DataStore implementations to ContentDataStore (tutorial available).