Saturday, November 19, 2011

GeoTools 8.0-M3 Released

The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of GeoTools 8.0-M3 for download from source forge: If you are using Maven this release is deployed to our OSGeo Maven Repository: For more information on setting up your project with Maven see the Quickstart (included in the userguide documentation pack above).

This is a milestone release made in conjunction with the Open Source Developers Conference.

This is an incremental release with a few usability and documentation improvements ahead of a "Geospatial for Java" workshop:
  • The big news is updating the library for the WFS 2.0 filter and Query model. Justin and Gabriel have been hard at work on an experimental branch and we are pleased to see this work return to trunk
  • Thanks to Frank Gasdorf we now have German translations for the gt-swing module
  • Thanks to Micheal Bedward for his continued attention to detail working through all the MapContent and Layer methods. Combined with consistently following the JComponent naming conventions the gt-swing module is becoming easier and easier to work with.
  • Jody Garnett continues to refine the user guide; and has added CommonFactoryFinder.getFilterFactory() methods that no longer require a set of hints be passed in. Ninety percent of the time example code used null for the set of hints.
  • Gabriel has been hard at work adding basic HTTP authentication to the WMS client code
  • Gabriel, Jody and Mark have been working through support for versioned information using the Filter 2.0 ResourceId concepts
  • Micheal Bedward has added a great improvement with GeoTools.getAboutInfo() - allowing applications to log the GeoTools version, execution environment and listing the GeoTools jars discovered on the CLASSPATH. For bonus points this information is available in a ready to use AboutDialog
  • And 38 more in the GeoTools 8.0-M3 Release Notes
Finally thanks to Jody Garnett and LISAsoft for putting this release out.
The GeoTools Community