Friday, April 23, 2021

GeoTools 24.3 released

 The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability of GeoTools 24.3 :

This release is published to the osgeo maven repository, and is made in conjunction with  GeoServer 2.18.3. This is a maintenance release and is a recommended upgrade for all users of the GeoTools library.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this release.

From our issue tracker release-notes :


GEOT-6861 Add support for Krovak North Orientated

GEOT-6853 ImageMosaic performs full scan aggregation on heterogenous mosaics

GEOT-6846 MongoDB plugin refact FilterToMongo and FilterSplitter

GEOT-6839 Update Batik from 1.13 to 1.14

New Feature

GEOT-6769 Refactor ClippingFeatureCollection


GEOT-6871 AppSchema, defining nested attribute with root attribute filter might return 0 on count

GEOT-6865 PostGIS: SQL translation of DateDifference function fails against DATE columns

GEOT-6863 Datastores with Character parameters can't be reopened

GEOT-6855 AppSchema JDBCMultipleValue might generate ambiguous query when ClientProperty is defined

GEOT-6854 AppSchema JDBCMultipleValue directive fails to encode ClientProperties if targetValue is not specified

GEOT-6849 NetCDF read sometime fails on corner cases grid Geometries involving 1 pixel read

GEOT-6848 Vendor options in RasterSymbolizer are not parsed

GEOT-6832 WFS-NG doesn't apply acrgis strategy for versions that are not 2.0.0

GEOT-6820 WMTS REST regression for getCapabilities not having templates for image/png outputformat

GEOT-6807 Enabling densification on reprojection can cause OOMs with large/complex geometries, and requests hitting small areas

GEOT-6806 Add identifier to DefaultGeographicCRS.WGS84

GEOT-6804 AppSchema fails when pagination occurs and mappings doesn't have IdExpression

GEOT-6803 AppSchema queries fails when mappings have no IdExpression

GEOT-6796 Concurrent usage of image mosaic with heterogeneous CRS, against a database index, can cause deadlock

GEOT-6794 AppSchema count works for filter with root attribute only

GEOT-6757 Tile client throwing exception while downloading

GEOT-6703 Dwithin old syntax no longer supported


GEOT-6824 Update JDBC drivers: Oracle (to

GEOT-6823 Update JDBC drivers: PostgreSQL (to 42.2.19)

GEOT-6822 Update JDBC drivers: MS SQL Server (to 9.2.0.jre8) 

GEOT-6816 include Db2 JDBC driver

About GeoTools 24 Series

For more information see the release notes ( 24.2 | 24.1 | 24.0 | 24-RC ).