Friday, July 26, 2019

GeoTools 20.5 released

The GeoTools team is happy to announce the release of GeoTools 20.5:
This release is a maintenance release and is a recommend update for production systems.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.14.5.


  • Update EPSG database to v9.6 (Andrea)
  • Updating GT to jai-ext-1.1.11  (Daniele)


  • GEOT-5859: Remove httpclient dependency. 
  • GEOT-6321: Remove broken app-schema web service module
  • GEOT-6319: S3-geotiff: time-out properties 
  • GEOT-6327: tolerate geotiff_coverage as the coverageName
  • GEOT-6334: Dateline wrapping heuristic cannot handle large earth
  • GEOT-6333: Preserving chained affines Hints 
  • GEOT-6328 Allow MongoDB data store schema builder to user all DB
  • GEOT-6332: If an error happens when creating an App-Schema data store, 
  • GEOT-6329: MongoDB schema inferrer only uses first item on inner 
  • GEOT-6330: XS DateTime encoder doesn't support Local DateTime Handling 
  • GEOT-6339: Interpolate function performs a number of dynamic expression
  • GEOT-6342: use background color when first rendering map
  • GEOS-9284: Fix rescale to bytes with float nodata
  • For more details see release notes (20.520.420.3 | 20.2 | 20.1 | 20.0 | 20-RC)

About GeoTools 20 Series

  • JTS Upgrade to version 1.16 and Migrate to JSR-363, see update instructions for details.
  • Channel selection name allows expression
  • Jiffle map algebra
  • PostGIS store improvements optimized to encode additional functions directly into SQL, support for array data types, and geometries with measure.