Sunday, July 18, 2021

GeoTools 25.2 Released

  The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release GeoTools 25.2

GeoTools 25.2 is published to for direct build integration. This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.19.2.
Update 2024-07-1: CVE-2024-36404 patch

Repackaged Downloads

The above GeoTools downloads have been repackaged to include html readme and license files, as part of this update some license files have been updated to reflect components used by the GeoTools library.

In addition the release above has been repackaged with the following folder structure:
  • lib - geotools library, extensions and plugins
  • optional - plugins requiring additional configuration such as gt-epsg-postgresql and gt-epsg-wkt
  • licenses
  • src - tutorial Quickstart sample code
Using this setup geotools is now ready to try out of the box:

java -cp "lib/*" org.geotools.util.factory.GeoTools

And the Quickstart tutorial can be tried in a few lines of code:

mkdir bin
javac -cp "lib/*" -d bin src/org/geotools/tutorial/quickstart/ 
java -cp "lib/*:bin" org.geotools.tutorial.quickstart.Quickstart

These changes are intended to make it easier to try out GeoTools.

Release notes

From our issue tracker release notes:


GEOT-6921 GeoTools primary key finder always query the table gt_pk_metadata even if it doesn't exists

GEOT-6916 "WGS 84 / UPS South (N,E)" is rendered with flipped axis

GEOT-6912 Special characters in shp file name are not correctly encoded

GEOT-6899 Resource (CPU/Heap) starvation building shapefile spatial index

GEOT-6898 Read only GeoPackages fail when using the new GPKG application id

GEOT-6894 WMTS fails when initial url contains query parameters

GEOT-6172 Missing jars (units etc.) in

GEOT-2972 Character set from CPG files


GEOT-6938 Image mosaic: avoid sorting on CRS when doing a "dry run" check after finding no granules in the target area

GEOT-6918 Implement NowFunction

GEOT-6917 Add support for timeUnit on dateDifference function

GEOT-6902 Improve NetCDF datasets access performances with caching

GEOT-6900 Shapefile quadtree build performance

GEOT-6891 GeoTIFF Writer should unwrap an outputStreamAdapter to get the underlying ImageOutputStream

GEOT-6877 Upgrade to imageio-ext 1.3.6 (tiff 32 bit with deflate/lzw support)

About GeoTools 25 Series 

For more information see the release notes ( ).
  • Repackaged downloads with html readme and license files and ready-to-use bin download
  • New gt-http module, allowing gt-wms and gt-wps-client to use your choice of http library
  • Massive code-cleanup with PMD integrated into our build chain
  • Quality of life improvements with increased use of variable arguments, abd revised Map<String?> datastore connection parameters.