Wednesday, January 24, 2024

GeoTools 30.2 Released

 The GeoTools team is pleased to the release of the latest stable version of GeoTools 30.2:

This release is also available from the OSGeo Maven Repository and is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.24.1. The release was made by Jody Garnett (GeoCat).

Release notes

See Release Notes from and 30-RC


GEOT-7496 gt-xsd-fes fails to encode PropertyIsBetween

GEOT-7497 gt-wfs-ng ignores maxFeatures on WFS 2.0

GEOT-7503 GeoTiffIIOMetadataDecoder doesn't support inf/-inf

GEOT-7507 Vector mosaic store: filtering is not working if it uses a property that's not retrieved by the query

GEOT-7510 GridCoverage Rendering's equality check on CRSs is not recognizing equal ProjectedCRS.

GEOT-7511 Regression in polygon marker fill

GEOT-7517 Cannot render rasters reprojecting from WGS84 to orthographic projection

GEOT-7518 SLD: Localized tag does not support namespace

GEOT-7519 SLD: i18n of rule title and abstract are lost when using the StyleBuilder


GEOT-7498 Upgrade DB2 JDBC driver from to

GEOT-7508 Optimize execution of NearestVisitor in Vector Mosaic store