Sunday, July 28, 2013

GeoTools 9.4 released

The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of GeoTools 9.4 for download from source forge:
If you are using Maven this release is deployed to our OSGeo Maven Repository: For more information on setting up your project with Maven see the Quickstart (included in the userguide documentation pack above).

This is a release made in conjunction with the GeoServer 2.3.4.

Bugs fixed

  • [GEOT-4229] - Joining more than two tables results in mismatching attributes
  • [GEOT-4500] - Virtual table metadata does not work for column aliases
  • [GEOT-4509] - Additional headers need correction
  • [GEOT-4514] - GeoJSON module cannot parse geojson objects with null geometries


  • [GEOT-4483] - Add support for graphics-margin vendor option for graphic fills as well
  • [GEOT-4497] - remove use of proprietary com.sun package classes
  • [GEOT-4513] - Upgrade jaitools dependency to 1.3.1
More detail in the GeoTools 9.4 Release Notes

Finally thanks to Ian Turton and Envitia for putting this release out.

The GeoTools Community

Monday, July 22, 2013

GeoTools 10-beta Released

The GeoTools community overjoyed to bring you the latest GeoTools 10-beta download:
As an alternative to downloading this release has been deployed to our maven repository.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.4-beta, please see the GeoTools 10-beta Release Notes for additional details.

We would also like to welcome Brett Walker as a new committer for the GeoTools project (who has gathered up a number of last minuet additions for this release).

We encourage all projects that make use of GeoTools to update and evaluate GeoTools-10-beta. This is your best opportunity review incoming changes / integration issues before the project enters the release candidate status. We will be holding a post-beta bug fixing fest later this week and you are invited to take part.

Thanks to Jody Garnett for issuing this release.

About GeoTools 10.x Series

Summary of the new features for the GeoTools 10.x series:
  • Structured grid coverage readers allow raster data sources that publish composite data products to expose individual rasters (ie granules) for processing, while still providing a seamless experience for rendering. The mosaic and NetCDF modules are the first ones to implement these new interfaces.
  • Efficient support for multiple coverages in GridCoverageReader provides ad-hoc access to raster formats that publish more that one data product. A image mosaic made of NetCDF granules and single file NetCDF sources are the first implementors of these new capabilities
  • A new implementation of Shapefile DataStore (based on ContentDataStore superclass). This upgrade should be seamless for all users using DataStoreFactoryFinder. If you explicitly made use of the ShapefileDataStore or IndexedShapefileDataStore class please check the upgrade instructions.
  • The transform module graduated to supported status, providing a seamless way to rename, retype and hide SimpleFeatureSource attributes, as well as creating new ones based on OGC Expression
  • Additional OGC modules for the WCS 2.0 and WCS 2.0 EO models as well as adding XML parsers and encoders
The 10.x series has a number of research and development activities that may be of interest:
  • NetCDF has been updated to take advantage of the new coverage API introduced above
  • GeoPackage: a sample implementation of the geopackage spec that is currently being developed by the OGC
While exciting, this functionally is looking for volunteers and/or funding to meet our quality assurance standards. If you are interested please introduce yourself on geotools-devel (or check out options for commercial support).

The GeoTools Community