Monday, November 21, 2022

GeoTools 28.0 released

 The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability GeoTools 28.0 :

Improvements and fixes in this release


GEOT-6324 WFS-NG online tests don't extend OnlineTestCase
GEOT-7242 Simplification fails for geographic shapes in HANA
GEOT-7244 Constructor GridGeometry2D(Rectangle, Rectangle2D) looses CRS
GEOT-7246 GeoJSON writer throws NPE if no geometry is present in the feature being written
GEOT-7248 app-schema GetFeature numberMatched breaks with views/tables without PK
GEOT-7256 SLDTransformer fails to encode raster symbolizer vendor options
GEOT-7257 GeoCSS misses support for labelInFeatureInfo and labelAttributeName vendor options
GEOT-7258 geojson-core is too lenient parsing as dates strings that are actually not
GEOT-7264 Image mosaic: handle alpha channel as ROI for excess granule removal purposes


GEOT-6914 AbstractWfsDataStoreOnlineTest bases service availability on the result of URL.openStream
GEOT-7220 Support datetime2 and datetimeoffset in JDBC SQL Server plugin
GEOT-7230 Implement a HINT parameter as part of the HANA plug-in

Also see the GeoTools 28-RC changes for more information on this series.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

GeoTools 28-RC released

 The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability GeoTools 28.0-RC :

Improvements and fixes in this release


GEOT-2063 CRS decode error
GEOT-5911 MongoDB CQL_Filter not working anymore
GEOT-6259 ShapefileReadWriteTest fail on Windows
GEOT-6888 PostGIS - fixed columns lengths when using prepared statements
GEOT-7081 Choose correct EPSG library
GEOT-7150 Name of type in AttributeDescriptor are wrong
GEOT-7154 Sphinx build failure with extlinks (new warnings in Sphinx build)
GEOT-7159 JDBCDataStore : some error messages are inconsistent
GEOT-7161 Aggregate queries with non-database supported queries fail
GEOT-7162 Postgis Partition tests fail on postgres versions below 11
GEOT-7174 Jiffle band selection optimization is not working properly on readers that cannot perform band selection
GEOT-7177 Remove randomSupportedCRS from WMTSCoverageReader
GEOT-7183 STAC datastore community module: part one, STAC client
GEOT-7185 WMS 1.3.0 - GetCapabilities: Tolerate empty Online Resource in Service definition
GEOT-7186 HanaDialect SRID of geometries in columns w/o SRID constraint not detected
GEOT-7187 MockHTTPResponse cannot be replayed, will only work once
GEOT-7198 GeoTIFF native band selection does not work in heterogeneous CRS mosaics
GEOT-7200 GeoTiffReader NegInfinity NoData Handling
GEOT-7203 Split package introduced in gt-geojson-core
GEOT-7208 Missing YSLD support for channel name expressions
GEOT-7210 YSLD styles does not parse/encode layer name
GEOT-7215 Try harder to use bbox and datime search properties in stac-datastore
GEOT-7216 Properly encode BBOX filters in CQL2
GEOT-7217 Allow to specify properties per coverage, in addition to global ones, in indexer.xml
GEOT-7218 Remove ScanForTypeNames property in ImageMosaic, it's not actually used
GEOT-7219 Add a query caching capability to image mosaic
GEOT-7222 Image Mosaic excessive memory usage when mosaicking many little images
GEOT-7225 Assertion in ShpFilesTestStream depends on environment
GEOT-7226 ParameterTypeFactoryTest fails for certain locales
GEOT-7227 FlatGeobufFeatureReader throws a NPE when query filter Literal Expression is a ReferencedEnvelope
GEOT-7229 WMTSCapabilities throws NPE for misconfigured capabilities
GEOT-7231 Z values shapefiles don't handle NaN M values correctly
GEOT-7237 Compile error in gt-ogcapi-client


GEOT-6384 Upgrade EJML to 0.38
GEOT-7093 WMTSCoverageReader shouldn't have instance variables for single requests
GEOT-7130 Automated tests for the SAP HANA data store
GEOT-7139 Migrate JDBC tests from JUnit3 to JUnit4
GEOT-7152 Use table spatial_ref_sys to create CRS unknown to the EPSG database
GEOT-7156 Use dialect to customize the desired table type to return the PrimaryKey
GEOT-7157 Support linked table for H2 database
GEOT-7166 Fix jdbc-informix plugin failed test
GEOT-7169 When GeoJsonReader parses a complex nested object, it should capture it as a Jackson JSONNode
GEOT-7172 GeoJSONReader extension to handle top level attributes as well in order to support STAC
GEOT-7173 Oracle DataStore - Allow configuring time out properties for login and socket connection
GEOT-7175 Add native band selection support to the GeoTIFF reader
GEOT-7178 Create a PropertyAccessor that can use XPath to retrieve JSONNode attribute children
GEOT-7179 Upgrade app-schema Jetty test dependency to 9.4.48.v20220622
GEOT-7181 GeoJSONReader should handle paged GeoJSON collections
GEOT-7188 Make GeoJSON reader tolerant to geometry and properties elimination
GEOT-7190 Improve fetching performance while paging through STAC search response
GEOT-7192 STAC datastore: allow full HTTP client configuration
GEOT-7193 STAC datastore: support CQL2 filter encoding
GEOT-7195 WMTS requests can fail as the tilematrixset is double url encoded
GEOT-7204 Allow image mosaic to use the STAC datastore as a granule catalog
GEOT-7205 STAC store: allow configuring number of items used to guess a collection feature type
GEOT-7207 Use parameters instead of hard-coded values for BBOX filters
GEOT-7211 Fix suppressed PMD warnings and add missing file headers in gt-jdbc-hana
GEOT-7212 Support geometry simplification in gt-jdbc-hana
GEOT-7233 Add support for sequences to SQL Server dialect

New Feature

GEOT-7202 Vector Mosaicing Data Store


GEOT-7109 gt-swt module docs update
GEOT-7167 Upgrade JTS to 1.19.0
GEOT-7189 STAC datastore: first implementation
GEOT-7191 Allow users to set a hard limit on how many STAC items a request can fetch, at the store level
GEOT-7221 Upgrade SnakeYAML to 1.32

GEOT-7235 Deprecate org.geotools.util.Java6