Friday, June 5, 2009

Thanks Martin

Martin Desruisseaux has recently stepped down, after devoting many years of service to the GeoTools community. Martin has been the long time module maintainer of our referencing module.

Martin joined GeoTools as part of a collaboration between his project (SeaGIS) and our founder James Macgill's applet based GeoTools 1.0 project. It was the collaboration between these two individuals that really kick started the GeoTools 2 project. Martin brought a rigorous scientific perspective to the project. He was also instrumental in GeoTools adopting OGC standards which initially served as as way to reduce the documentation burden of the library. The community gradually came to appreciate the value of the standards in providing common names and concepts, indeed a common reference point, for development work.

The Dynamic Desruisseaux-Macgill Duo's second experiment was the GeoAPI project, prompted by the need to come to grips with large XML based standards for Java developers and as an out reach to other libraries of the time such as Deegree and GeOxygen. GeoAPI has since taken on a life as its own: first being aligned with "GO-1" and then, through Martin's involvement, becoming a distinct GeoAPI working group.

We would like to sincerely thank Martin for his many, major contributions to GeoTools and we look forward to future collaborations as they arise.