Thursday, November 19, 2009

FOSS4G GeoTools Tutorials

Catching up on post FOSS4G activities; one of the items has been presenters making their materials available under creative commons for the foss4g website to publish.

With that in mind I am pleased to make the GeoTools tutorials from FOSS4g 2009 available under a create commons license! If you would like the original open office documents (perhaps to translate!) give us a shout on geotools-devel email list and we can send them over.

Creative Commons License

To start out with here are the slides providing a bit of background and the order of the workbooks:

- GeoSpatialForJavaSlides


The initial "quickstart" is available in two flavours depending on the IDE you use:

- GeoToolsNetBeansQuickstart

- GeoToolsEclipseQuickstart

This workbook walks you through creating an application to display a shapefile.

When you go through this quickstart you have a choice of using Maven to manage all your jars or to just download GeoTools an unzip it. The process of downloading GeoTools and putting it to work is a little tricky in that you cannot use all the jars at once - so this quickstart provides helpful step by step instructions.


The remaining workbooks are as follows:

I would really like to thank Michael Bedward who’s hard work and dedication has added greatly to the GeoTools community. Also thanks to Tyler for pulling together a common look for OSGeo content; and finally those attending the FOSS4G 2009 tutorial in person.

I notice that the tutorial evaluation page is still open for anyone who missed it during the conference.