Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oracle GeoRaster & Custom JDBC Access

Coming with version 2.6.4, the Imagemosiac-jdbc module adds support for storing image/raster data in a customized database layout. This enables integration of an already existing database table structure into geotools.

The standard imagemosiac-jdbc module is based on a predefined table setup and is useful if you start importing your image data in a SQL database. Handling tiles and pyramids is supported.

For special use cases, other database designs may be necessary . The module was redesigned to encapsulate JDBC Access in a single plugin. Developing a customized JDBC Access plugin will create the missing link between the image composing logic and a custom database layout.

Additionally, users having an existing image database could make their data available for developers using the geotools API.

Look at the documentation .

A first implementation of this concept is a plugin for Oracle GeoRaster integrating the Oracle RASTER data type into imagemosaic-jdbc.

Again, look at the documentation .