Thursday, September 20, 2012

GeoTools 8.2 Released

The GeoTools community is pleased to annonce the release of GeoTools 8.2, available for download from SourceForge:
This release is also deployed to the OSGeo Maven Repository. For more information on setting up your project with Maven consult the Quickstart.

About GeoTools 8.2

GeoTools 8.2 is primarily a bug fix release with the following issues being fixed:
  • GEOT-4230 - Histogram operation does not pass through low,high,numBin parameters
  • GEOT-4254 - CustomPaletteBuilder dies on translate BufferedImage
  • GEOT-4255 - Reprojecting feature collection fails if bursa-wolf params are missing in either source or target crs
  • GEOT-4263 - TimeParser in ImageMosaic is too lenient
  • GEOT-4005 - Provide logging for cascaded WMS queries
A number of improvements came in from the community via GitHub pull request. Thanks to all who submitted a contribution:

Upgrading from GeoTools 2.7

For those migrating from GeoTools 2.7, upgrade instructions are available. No additional GeoTools 2.7.x releases are scheduled. 

Thanks for using GeoTools.
The GeoTools Team