Friday, July 31, 2015

GeoTools 14-M1 Milestone Release

GeoTools is pleased to announce the GeoTools 14-M1 milestone release:
This release is also available from our maven repository.

This release is made in conjunction with the GeoMesa project and has passed an IP review required for locationtech projects. Please consider this release as a preview prior our scheduled September release.

Highlights from our issue tracker release-notes:
  • Clarify use of RobustDeterminant and GridCoverage2DRIA
  • Use of Oracle metadata table for initial bounding box calculation
  • Transaction is auto closable for use with java try-with-resource syntax
  • A lot of work on stable date/time literal conversion (when running GeoTools in different timezones)
  • Update NetCDF to 4.5.5
  • Support for WFS 2.0.0

About GeoTools 14

  • Change from vecmath to EJML for matrix calculations
  • Adopt JAI-EXT operations for improved no-data and footprint support