Thursday, April 20, 2017

GeoTools 16.3 Released

The GeoTools team is pleased to announce the release of GeoTools 16.3:
This release is also available from our maven repository.

This release is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.10.3.

GeoTools 16.3 is the first maintenance release of the 16.x series and 17.0 is now recommended for all new projects. In future this branch will only receive bug fixes but no new features will be added.

The GeoTools team is grateful for Astun Technology for sponsoring this release.

Features and Improvements

Features & Improvements

  • gs:PointStacker now has an attribute that holds the bounding box of the clustered features 
  • TransparencyFill process has been added to the unsupported/process-raster module 
  • GeoTools now uses Java 7 Base64 Encoder / Decoders throughout. 


  • Shapefile attribute (DBF) DbaseFileReader reads numeric empty values as zero 
  • Mollweide projection misses parameter
  • PostGIS sql dialect fails to encode 3D bbox filters
  • GridCoveargeRenderer.renderImage may throw a NPE
  • ProjectionHandler.getQueryEnvelopes can return invalid envelopes for transverse mercator
  • Geometries not created when using WFS data store 2.0.0
  • Band selection via request param and RBG expansion are incompatible
  • ImageWorker should invalidate statistics after a Crop
  • Shapefile dumper throws a NPE on NULL geometry values
  • Crop and rescale to bytes fail to propagate nodata values
  • Incorrect validation when parsing XML schema element declaration with ref attribute
And more! For more information please see the release notes (16.316.2 | 16.1 | 16.0 | 16-RC1 | M0 | beta).