Monday, April 13, 2020

Change to maven repositories

The osgeo and boundlessgeo maven repositories used by the GeoTools projects have been migrated to a new repository manager setup by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

We tried adding a redirect to continue to allow builds to run with out modification ... but maven is not setup to follow redirects safely.

Reference: releases

The main geotools release repository has been moved to:
    <name>OSGeo Release Repository</name>

To fix your build please update your project pom.xml as shown above, or define the following ~/.m2/settings.xml mirrors:
    <name>OSGeo Repository</name>
    <name>Boundless Repository</name>

References: snapshots

The boundless repository was used by our build server to publish snapshots, it is moved to:
  <name>OSGeo Snapshot Repository</name>

Please note that this is populated by our build server for the active master, stable and maintenance branches. Snapshots for historical builds are not being generated! If you find a project built using a snapshot from an archived version of GeoTools please update to the appropriate release.