Monday, February 22, 2021

GeoTools 23.5 released

  The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability of   GeoTools 23.4 :

This release is published to the osgeo maven repository, and is made in conjunction with  GeoServer 2.17.5. This is a maintenance release and is a recommended upgrade for all users of the GeoTools library. 

This is the final scheduled release for the 23.x branch and we advise everyone to upgrade to 24.x at this time.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this release, including Gabriel Roldan and Jody Garnett for making the release.


From our issue tracker release notes:
  • rendering fix avoiding out of memory issue using densification on reprojection drawing a small part of a large/complex geometry
  • DefaultGeographicCRS.WGS84 and DefaultGeographicCRS.WGS84_3D now include EPSG identifier information and domain of validity.
  • app-schema fix handling of mappings that did not include an Id expression
  • app-schema fix for count, previously only worked for queries that did not use nested properties
  • image-mosaic address deadlock in handling heterogeneous crs
  • shapefile fix out of bounds exception encoding UTF-8 strings
  • Addressed regression in raster to vector process which artifacts such as diagonal lines
  • Tile extension now uses http-client to double check input stream points to an image
  • PostGIS data store now recognizes PARTITIONED TABLE (a parent table made up a number of child tables)


A number of dependencies have been updated:
  • Batik svg libraries 1.13
  • sqlite-jdbc 3.34.0
  • Jackson JSON libraries 2.10.5
  • Apache HTTP components 4.5.13
  • Guava 30.1

About GeoTools 23 Series

GeoTools 23:For more information see the release notes ( 23.5 | 23.423.3 | 23.2 | 23.1 | 23.0 |  23-RC )