Monday, November 21, 2022

GeoTools 28.0 released

 The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability GeoTools 28.0 :

Improvements and fixes in this release


GEOT-6324 WFS-NG online tests don't extend OnlineTestCase
GEOT-7242 Simplification fails for geographic shapes in HANA
GEOT-7244 Constructor GridGeometry2D(Rectangle, Rectangle2D) looses CRS
GEOT-7246 GeoJSON writer throws NPE if no geometry is present in the feature being written
GEOT-7248 app-schema GetFeature numberMatched breaks with views/tables without PK
GEOT-7256 SLDTransformer fails to encode raster symbolizer vendor options
GEOT-7257 GeoCSS misses support for labelInFeatureInfo and labelAttributeName vendor options
GEOT-7258 geojson-core is too lenient parsing as dates strings that are actually not
GEOT-7264 Image mosaic: handle alpha channel as ROI for excess granule removal purposes


GEOT-6914 AbstractWfsDataStoreOnlineTest bases service availability on the result of URL.openStream
GEOT-7220 Support datetime2 and datetimeoffset in JDBC SQL Server plugin
GEOT-7230 Implement a HINT parameter as part of the HANA plug-in

Also see the GeoTools 28-RC changes for more information on this series.