Friday, September 22, 2023

GeoTools 30-RC released

  The GeoTools team is pleased to share the availability GeoTools 30-RC :

org.opengis package removal

The main novelty in this release is the renaming of all "org.opengis" packages into "org.geotools.api" ones, to satisfy a request coming from OGC members that manage the "GeoAPI" project, using the same package space.

While this is an extensive breakage, we have prepared migration scripts that can help automating the switch, and which have been used for migration of GeoWebCache and GeoServer, along with MapFish print and GeoFence, with only a small amount of manual changes left to make.  In particular, GeoServer was the only project requiring any manual intervention.

In addition to the package rename, we leveraged the occasion to perform some more API clean-ups, including:
  • The core data API has been moved from "" to ""
  • The ISO geometry interfaces, left without implementation for a few years, have been removed. The few bits that used them has been migrated to JTS geometries.
  • Most of the "org.geotools.metadata" package is gone, as these classes and interfaces had no usage in GeoTools, GeoWebCache or GeoServer.
  • Internationalized error message support has been removed.
  • "org.opengis.geometry.Envelope" has been renamed "org.geotools.api.geometry.Bounds" and some of the confusion related to the proliferation of envelope-related classes has been cleared.
The above-mentioned script is performing refactors to adapt downstream code for the above changes as well.
The detailed list of changes, as well as the migration scripts, can be found in the GeoTools upgrade guide.

Some downstreams projects also started adapting the script to other languages, this ticket contains an example for Scala, from the GeoMesa project.

We urge all users to test out the migration scripts as soon as possible and report eventual issues before 30.0 is released, roughly in two weeks from this announcement.

Support for planetary CRSs, EPSG assumption removal

The new gt-iau-wkt module provides support for planetary CRSs, sourced from the International Astronomical Union. This allows to manage GIS data over the Moon, Mars, or even the Sun, with well known, officially supported codes.

In addition to that, many bug fixes occurred in the management of CRSs and their text representations (plain codes, URL, URIs) so that the EPSG authority is no longer assumed to be the only possibility.
The code base has seen this assumption for twenty years long, and while we made a good effort to eliminate the assumption, it could be still lurking in some places. Please test and let us know.

Allow to exercise control over remote, user-provided graphics and marks 

Much of the code dealing with OGC protocols is designed to follow URLs, some of which might be originating from user requests or from remote server responses.

The new URLChecker interface, along with its associated SPI interface, allows to plug-in custom checks to confirm a particular URL should be followed. Currently checks are implemented for remote graphics and marks, with more checks to be implemented in the future.

All other changes


GEOT-6266 Generating GeoPackage fails when layer name has spaces or dashes

GEOT-7224 Error in pom <project> lines.

GEOT-7266 WMTSCapabilities throws NPE for missing title

GEOT-7267 GML encoding forces URL SRS syntax on one-dimensional CRS

GEOT-7313 gt-geobuf: Failed to decode a SimpleFeature with a property name of "geom"

GEOT-7318 Unit of measure not escaped in DWithin filter

GEOT-7324 NPE on WMTS single tile request on missing GetTile operation in capabilities

GEOT-7325 WMTS multi tile request is not compatible with RESTful servers

GEOT-7338 Child feature ClientProperties are duplicated on Complex features parent container elements from the child feature

GEOT-7344 Child feature ClientProperties are duplicated on no-GML XML element parent container from the child elements

GEOT-7357 Rendering problem with polygon marker fills

GEOT-7359 GeoTiffMetadata2CRSAdapter improperly parses custom CRS definitions

GEOT-7366 Document FilterToSQL is not thrad safe

GEOT-7383 Distance element of DWithin filter should have an attribute "uom"

GEOT-7386 Shape://dot is too small to see on screen

GEOT-7389 GeoTIFF writer does not dump custom CRSs correctly

GEOT-7390 Extend GML CRS encoding to support multiple authorities

GEOT-7392 ReprojectFeatureResult.getBounds() does not report target CRS

GEOT-7393 WFS multi-Feature collection encoding fails when collections don't share the same CRS

GEOT-7397 PostGIS online tests fail on recent postgresql due to double comparison issue

GEOT-7404 Add SQLite Connection Timeout in case of hung GeoPackage connections

GEOT-7442 Make ErrorProne run on Windows

GEOT-7444 HanaGeographyOnlineTest.testBounds is failing in CI


GEOT-7352 Add false easting and northing support in Robinson projection

GEOT-7354 Add support for standard parallel in equirectangular projection

GEOT-7360 DWITHIN support for mongo DB

GEOT-7361 Support non EPSG authorities in DataUtilities type spec, and property data store

GEOT-7368 Expose IAU authority in both axis orders

GEOT-7387 Improve URL checking

GEOT-7398 Support other CRS authorities in PostGIS

GEOT-7413 Avoid needless type conversions in InterpolateFunction

GEOT-7414 Speed up style evaluation during rendering, by simplifying its expressions before execution

GEOT-7416 org.geotools.feature.NameImpl.compareTo creates garbage objects

GEOT-7418 Add a configuration parameter to the ElasticSearch plugin to support response greater than 100mb

GEOT-7421 Caching WKT parsing results

GEOT-7425 Add support for extended colorMap in CSS

GEOT-7431 Support custom HTTP headers for WFS-Client (and underlying HTTP-Client)

GEOT-7435 ESRI Shapefile read gzipped input files

New Feature

GEOT-6512 Control remote HTTP requests sent by GeoTools

GEOT-7287 Refactor to remove org.opengis interfaces


GEOT-7317 Upgrade snakeyaml from 1.32 to to 2.0

GEOT-7336 Update to ErrorProne 2.18

GEOT-7341 Update Spotbugs to 4.7.3

GEOT-7347 Update PMD to version 6.55

GEOT-7349 Further support for Saxon

GEOT-7355 New CRS plugin providing IAU CRSs for planetary mapping

GEOT-7364 Bump sqlite-jdbc from 3.34.0 to

GEOT-7373 Bump hsqldb from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2

GEOT-7374 Upgrade Jackson to 2.15.2

GEOT-7375 Upgrade guava from 30.1.1 to 32.0.0

GEOT-7376 Upgrade postgresql from 42.4.3 to 42.6.0

GEOT-7378 Upgrade commons-lang3 from 3.8.1 to 3.12.0

GEOT-7379 Upgrade commons-io from 2.10.0 to 2.12.0

GEOT-7394 Upgrade httpclient from 4.5.13 to 4.5.14

GEOT-7396 Upgrade wiremock to 2.35.0

GEOT-7437 Avoid use of yield keyword for JDK 17 compatibility

GEOT-7440 Update maven plugin versions

GEOT-7443 Remove JDK 11 profile and rename associated JDK 11 Test

GEOT-7445 Revert maven javadoc plugin upgrade