Monday, March 4, 2024

GeoTools 31-RC Release Candidate

 The GeoTools team is pleased share a release candidate  GeoTools 31-RC:

This release candidate is also available from the OSGeo Maven Repository and is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.25-RC. The release was made by Jody Garnett (GeoCat).

Testing a Release Candidate is one of the most effective ways to help out the GeoTools team. Upgrade your project, try out the release candidate, and let us know you find anything. 

There are no special update instructions this release cycle, but we are looking forward to hearing from our community.

Release notes

See Release Notes from 31-RC.

Release notes


GEOT-7458 JDBCDataStore: Unique visitor not always compatible with sortBy

GEOT-7472 After the org.opengis package removal, gt-api jar is not included in bin download

GEOT-7475 Conversion of GeneralBounds to ReferencedEnvelope fails for envelopes wrapping the dateline

GEOT-7476 ColorMapBuilder should enable extended mode when necessary

GEOT-7477 DuplicatingStyleVisitory does not copy RasterSymbolizer vendor options

GEOT-7478 Add support for GDAL RasterAttributeTable in GeoTIFF, Image Mosaic, GDAL readers

GEOT-7485 ReferencedEnvelope.setFrameFromCenter(Point2D center, Point2D corner) returns wrong coordinates - zoomin/zoomout

GEOT-7486 CSS literal single space squashed to empty string

GEOT-7503 GeoTiffIIOMetadataDecoder doesn't support inf/-inf

GEOT-7504 MapContent.moveLayer() doesn't change the Layer's order in the MapLayerTable.

GEOT-7510 GridCoverage Rendering's equality check on CRSs is not recognizing equal ProjectedCRS.

GEOT-7522 NetCDFMosaicReaderTest failure

GEOT-7535 Per layer interpolation setting not honored with rendering transformation and oversampling


GEOT-7411 App-schema performance improvement in setting attribute values

GEOT-7428 Support of jsonPointer function for Oracle

GEOT-7451 Upgrade org.json:json to 20230618

GEOT-7452 Remove deprecated constructors from WFSContentComplexFeatureCollection

GEOT-7453 Remove deprecated SimpleHTTPResponse

GEOT-7467 ESRI Shapefile read DBF-only data

GEOT-7471 WMTS Reader debug flag for 404 tiles

GEOT-7491 ShapeFileDataStore should use GeometryFactory of DataStore

GEOT-7498 Upgrade DB2 JDBC driver from to

GEOT-7501 There is no way to serialise a ReferencedEnvelope that can be parsed back to a ReferencedEnvelope

GEOT-7502 FlatGeobuf DataStore missing startIndex optimization

GEOT-7508 Optimize execution of NearestVisitor in Vector Mosaic store

GEOT-7538 Use gt-http logging for request/response

New Feature

GEOT-7419 New function: lin (in function for list)

GEOT-7488 GDAL, GeoTIFF and ImageMosaic ignore nodata when it's NaN


GEOT-7483 Update jai-ext to 1.1.25

GEOT-7529 Update Apache Commons-lang3 to version 3.14 for Java 17 and Java 21 support