Monday, April 22, 2024

GeoTools 30.3 released

  The GeoTools team is pleased to the release of the latest stable version of GeoTools 30.3:

This release is also available from the OSGeo Maven Repository and is made in conjunction with GeoServer 2.24.3. The release was made by Andrea Aime (Geosolutions).

Release notes

See Release Notes from 30.330.230.130.0 and 30-RC


  • GEOT-7526 getTWKBDigits should return 7 instead of -7 for 0 distance
  • GEOT-7532 GDALTestCase superfluous reports on missing
  • GEOT-7534 accept geojson with geometry=null
  • GEOT-7535 Per layer interpolation setting not honored with rendering transformation and oversampling
  • GEOT-7540 startIndex parameter is not passed in WFS store request
  • GEOT-7542 Vector mosaic is not reading type and filter columns from the index, if query property selection is on
  • GEOT-7553 Vector mosaic store does not optimize filters using the default geometry name


  • GEOT-7428 Support of jsonPointer function for Oracle
  • GEOT-7513 FeatureTypeHandler handle conflicting types Double and Long
  • GEOT-7514 PropertyIsEqualTo fails to compare "true" and Boolean.TRUE, when both are literals
  • GEOT-7515 PointOnLine function, looking up a point along the line
  • GEOT-7521 Use style_body to define CSS style for a layer
  • GEOT-7524 Support filtering contents of granule stores in vector mosaic stores
  • GEOT-7525 Allow vector mosaic store to pick granule stores from a repository
  • GEOT-7527 StreamingRenderer can ask stores to simplify geometries with a distance of "zero"
  • GEOT-7549 Update javadoc links
  • GEOT-7551 Vector mosaic: delegate count to granule stores
  • GEOT-7552 Improve flatgeobuf ability to quickly perform count/bounds
  • GEOT-7555 geojson-core is always using default date formatter


  • GEOT-7529 Update Apache Commons-lang3 to version 3.14 for Java 17 and Java 21 support