Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GeoSpatial for Java Workbooks available

It has now been a couple of weeks since foss4g and life is returning to normal. Thanks to everyone who contributed to a great experience. Part of that great experience was the workshop program; facilities were excellent; that staff helpful and due to a bit of scheduling fun the GeoSpatial for Java workshop was packed.

Justin and Jody were on hand for an intensive hands-on workshop "GeoSpatial for Java". This workshop offered an introduction to GIS concepts for Java developers - which is a really nice introduction since you can try out ideas and see how they work using running code.

The workshop materials have been published here:

These workbooks are detailed step by step instructions written in a "code first" style. This allows you to carefully go through the steps required to produce runnable code. If you have any questions about the concepts or ideas covered you can continue reading for the background information.

Geospatial for Java
View more presentations from jgarnett.

This tutorial information has been gathered up in the "sphinx" documentation system; and pulls directly from Java source code examples that are built as part of our GeoTools nightly build.

Thanks to Justin for his help in setting up the sphinx nightly build; and if anyone is good at sphinx "rst2pdf" I would love to get this content out in printable form.