Monday, September 20, 2010

GeoTools Maven Repository Reminder

The original GeoTools maven repository at is down at the moment; for projects still making use of historical versions of GeoTools we encourage you to switch to our main repository.

To make the switch you will need to add the following to your maven pom.xml file:


OpenGeo has also kindly provided a high performance maven repository for SNAPSHOT releases; so if you are interested in the latest and greatest (populated by a nightly build) you can add the following:


We would of course like to thank Refractions, OSGeo and OpenGeo for their community support. Setting up a public maven repository is a large commitment that is often transparent to those making use of the service.

We encourage sponsorship and donations to the OSGeo Foundation, and you are welcome to check out the commercial services offered by Refractions and OpenGeo. Let them know we sent you :-)